Hello and welcome to Top.gg! Top.gg is a search-and-discovery website, where anyone can list their Discord bots. If you’re figuring out how to use Top.gg to find Discord bots, you’ve come to the right support article.

Discord Space

This section will explain how to navigate our Discord space.

Using Search and browsing Categories

Pressing the search bar will show a dropdown list of some Top Voted bots along with our categories. These categories can also be found under the search bar. 

If you would like to view longer lists of Top Voted bots, you can do this on the front page as well. Further down the list of Top Voted, you can also find the Trending New list.

When looking for specific bots, you can type in keywords into the search bar and the dropdown list will update and show you relevant results. If you would like to view a longer list, you can either hit “Enter” or you can press “Show more” for either bots or servers.

To view list of New bots, you can press the “New” toggle.

Using Filters to refine search results

When using our search or browsing categories, you also have the ability to refine your search with our filters. You can filter by sorting, categories, languages, reviews, and total invites. For categories and languages, you can either choose from the dropdown menu or you can type in specific categories or languages.

What does #Promoted mean?

Discord bot / server owners can advertise their bot / server using our Auctions. This is where users can promote their listings. If you would like to read more about this, feel free to check out our support article on how to use Auctions.

Listing your own Discord bot

If you are interested in listing your bot on Top.gg, you can check out the following support articles to get started: