What’s Auctions?

Auctions is an advertising feature on the Top.gg website which allows you to promote your product (or any product directly listed on Top.gg like Discord bots) on our platform

Every week, you can use auctions to bid on promoted slots across Top.gg. Those who have won auctions for specific tag advertisements, will have their advertisements shown in featured spots across Top.gg. Please note that you will have to pay with money or legal tender for any auctions that you win. If you have auctions credits, these credits can be applied to your payment. 

Before using auctions...

Make sure you read our Auctions Guidelines to find out what you can and cannot advertise, as well as other guidelines you should follow when using our Auctions site.

How do I begin to use auctions?

To learn more about advertising on Top.gg and see success stories, go to https://top.gg/advertise. To start using auctions, click here. You'll see that there's a bid limit - read more here regarding how it works.

On the sidebar, there will be a “Create” button - which allows you to create your advertisement! 



Once you’ve created your advertisement, you’ll be able to bid on categories where you’d like to see your advertisement displayed.

Head over to the “Bid” tab and select what page you’d like to bid on, via the dropdown menu. You’ll also be able to see two symbols with numbers next to them, like:

The eye symbol on the left refer to the estimated number of impressions (i.e. the number of people who’ll see your ad - for more information on the definition of an impression, click here!) and the cursor symbol on the right refers to the estimated number of number clicks you’ll get, based on averages from recent data.


Next, you’ll be able to put in the amount of money you actually want to spend on this. Top.gg utilizes CPM bidding - read more here on how CPM bidding and retroactive charging works. This amount in the right doesn't cover sales tax, so keep that in mind when making your bids.



How do I know when I’ve won an auction, and how do I pay?

When the bidding ends, head to the “Pay” section on our sidebar. If you’ve won an auction, you will see it under “Open Payments”!


Upon winning a bid, you will have 24 hours to pay before your slot will be lost. Failure to pay continually will result in removal in access from auctions.

Under Open Payments, you should be able to either pay with existing credit (which allows you to pay with the balance in your wallet) or pay directly through our payment provider. You can do a combination of both by clicking pay with credit, then paying directly as well. Remember, you also have to cover sales tax on top of this depending on your country.

Once I’ve paid, when will my ad appear?

After you’ve paid for your advertisement, winning spots go live the following Tuesday, for one week. Allow up to an hour for cache to clear and the spots to show clearly.

What’s the timeline of all this?

Auctions work on a weekly basis, and is based off of UTC (Coordinated Universal Time). Note that UTC does not have daylight savings, keep that in mind!

Tuesday - 19:00 UTC

Bidding Starts

Monday 19:00 - 21:00* UTC

* = if there is a bid within the last 2 minutes, bidding will be extended in 2-minute increments up to a maximum of 2 hours.

Bidding Ends,

Winners Pay

Tuesday 19:00 UTC

Payment Deadline

Ads Go Live