There are several reasons why you might want to transfer the ownership of a bot page between accounts. You could have lost access to the original account (such as deleting the associated Discord account). Or the person who submitted the bot no longer works on the project and you want to take over the page so that you can edit it. If, for whatever reason, you need to claim access to a bot page and are unable to do so, please follow the steps outlined below to request an ownership transfer!

Before Requesting a Transfer

Before you request an ownership transfer, please try the following alternative options:

  1. If someone is still able to log in to the current ownership account, they delete the page so that your new ownership account can resubmit it.
  2. You can utilize our Teams feature to move the bot or server to a team, then add the new owner account to the Team, so that the new account can access the page. 

If neither of these is an option (because the account is lost, or the person who owns the account is non-responsive) then you can follow the steps below to request an ownership transfer!

How to Request an Ownership Transfer

First, you will need to join our Discord server and make sure that your Direct Messages are enabled, so that you can reach out to any online and available Moderator for assistance with an Ownership Transfer. 

  Please note that our Moderators are volunteers and may take a little bit of time to respond to your request.

In your original message to a Moderator, please include:

  1. The name of your bot and it's ID
  2. The page URL of your bot
  3. The user ID of the discord account that you want the page transferred to (if it isn't your own) Moderators will NEVER ask you for your Discord bot token or to be given any permissions in your Discord server.

For Bots:

  • Once the Moderator is available to help, please invite the Moderator to a server where you have the bot. 
  • You will then need to either change the status or about me of the bot to something the Moderator has specified (usually either their name or " Verification") or you can have the bot send a message to the Moderator with a specific word or phrase included.

If you are unable to do the above things (you don't have access to change the bot's status) then we will not be able to do the transfer for you. 

Once ownership has been proven, the Moderator will be able to delete the bot off of and the new ownership account will be able to submit it under their account, and the transfer will be completed!

Final Note: is unable to change the "ID" of a listing - if you are switching bot applications, we cannot replace your bot page with a new bot ID. You will have to submit the new bot application, and we are unable to move reviews and votes to the new applications.