Before reading this article, please read our Auctions Overview here to understand how advertising on works. To access your auctions profile, first navigate to the Advertise page located here.  Your auctions profile will present you with information such as your maximum bid limit, number of your current bids, your total bid amount and your estimated impressions. You can learn more about what each of these represent in our Auctions Overview article.

What is the Maximum Bid Limit?

Your Maximum Bid Limit is the highest amount you are allowed to bid in an auction. 

How do I increase the Maximum Bid Limit?

There are several ways to increase your maximum bid limit. These include our automatic bid limit system, submitting an  application form and contacting us directly via email.

Automatic Bid Limit

All new auctions users start with a  maximum bid limit of $100 USD. Every time you have a successful auction purchase, your maximum bid limit will double up to a limit of $5,000 USD. 

What determines a successful purchase?

A successful purchase is any time you successfully get the winning bid in an auction.

Maximum Bid Limit Application Form

If you would like to increase your limit immediately, you can apply to increase your maximum bid limit here or by clicking on the “Increase limit” button located directly below your current Maximum Bid Limit amount.

After selecting “Increase limit”, you will be presented with an application form to fill out. Once all of the required fields are filled out you will be able to select “Submit”.

After submitting the application to increase your Maximum Bid Limit, you will be presented with “Your request has been submitted!” on your screen. To return to your Auctions profile, just click “Go back to Auctions”. 

You will also see a confirmation that your request has been submitted on your Auctions profile overview. 

Increasing your limit beyond $5,000 USD

Once your maximum bid limit has reached $5,000 USD, you will see a new message displayed on your Auctions profile dashboard overview that explains how to request an additional increase if desired. 

If you would like to increase your limit beyond the maximum bid limit of $5,000 USD, you would need to contact us directly by emailing When you email us, please share what limit you are seeking and why as well as your monthly marketing budget. 


Now that you know how the Auctions bid limit works, you can start bidding on the best tags and slots across to start growing your users and community!