Auctions customers interested in running longer term advertising campaigns can partner with to purchase select ad slot inventory for a fixed rate. Our ”  Partnerships” account will bid on behalf of partners privately, and their product and budget won’t appear on Auctions  bidding leaderboards. This removes the need for Partners to log in and bid — as handles all aspects of the process for them — and allows Partners with larger budgets to keep their spending private. Most of all, it gives Partners exclusivity on slots to purchase the full inventory for their desired campaign period. This means for as long as your campaign is running, no Auctions customer can take your spots!

Available Partnership Slots

All promoted slots that appear at the top of a page (aka Slot 1 spots) that receive an average of over 10,000 impressions per week are available for partnership on our site. 

This includes the following slots:



Front Page Top Voted (both slot 1 and 2)

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Front Page Trending New

Servers - More Like This

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Top Page

Bots - More Like This

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Front Page

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We also allow bundling of up to 5 slots that make up a total of over 10,000 impressions per week. For example, a partnership could bundle Moderation (avg 7k), Leveling (avg 3k), and Giveaway (avg 4k) and have an advertisement displayed on each of those three slots for the full duration of their campaign. It is also possible to have differing URLs and ad copy displayed on each of the individual slots in a bundle.

A full list of all available slots and examples can be found here: Auctions Categories and Slots Overview

Benefits of Partnerships

  • Partners retain the ability to use differing promotables on different slots.

  • Partners will not need to handle normal Auctions bidding or payment window timeframes, this is handled by

  • Partners will be invoiced and pay via wire transfer.

  • Partner's spending stays private.

  • Partners receive no extra impression charges: they pay for full exclusivity for the campaign period, regardless of impression or click counts.

  • Partner’s receive a #Partner tag on the shown advertisement.

  • Partners receive a full report at the end of the campaign in CSV format, including the number of impressions and clicks received.

How It Works

Interested parties can email with the following information:

  • Which slot(s) they would like to purchase.

  • How long they would like to have exclusivity (recommended 2 weeks minimum).

Once that information has been provided, a quote will be provided and further discussion can be had via email or an organized voice call. 

Once an agreement has been reached, the Partner will only need to provide the IDs of the custom products they want displayed and will handle the rest!