What are Products?

By default, users can select bots that you own or are on the team for in Auctions to promote them on different category pages. However, Top.gg also offers a way for users to create a custom advertisement to bid with - these are called Products. You can create, edit, and delete products via the “Create” page on our Auctions site.

Creating a Product

A product will appear visually similar in an Auctions slot to a regular bot, but instead of showing a server count and vote button, it shows a “Learn More” link that can be clicked on. 

Products require a name, description, image, and the link to be advertised. Please read our Auctions Guidelines for more information on what can and cannot be advertised on our site. To create a new product, select “New Product” on the Create page.

  • The product name should be an accurate reflection of the product listed without including any terms that may be against our guidelines.

  • The description can be up to 140 characters long and should describe the product without including any terms that may be against our guidelines.

  • The image can be up to 58 kb in size - we recommend around 500 pixels by 500 pixels. The image should reflect the content of the product and should not show anything that may be against our guidelines.

  • You can put any sort of link you want, including but not limited to: discord server invites, discord bot invites, websites, referral links, and more. The advertisement should not link to anything that may be against our Guidelines.

A visualization/preview of your advertisement can be found near the bottom of the page. 

Bidding with a Product

While bots can only bid on bot categories, products can bid on any category regardless of type. To change what product you are bidding with, select the product section above the leaderboard and select the correct product from the drop down menu.

Each product you have access to will be listed here (depending on the type of category you are bidding on). They have a tag on the side (Bot or Product) depending on the type of product they are. 

Editing a Product

When you edit a product, it will update throughout the site - even if it is currently being advertised. To edit a product, you can go to the “Create” page and select the product you wish to edit. You can then edit it the same as when you created the product. Once you are done editing, select the “Save and continue to bidding” button.

Deleting a Product

To delete a product, you can select the product on the Create page and then select “Delete”.