If you find a bot on our website that breaks our Guidelines, then we ask that you use the report feature on that community’s page to alert us so that our Moderators can investigate and take action if necessary. 

Where to Find the Report Button


On Desktop: On the bot’s page there is a button near the right with three dots. Click that to open the menu, and then select “Report”.

On Mobile: On the bot’s page there is a button near the right with three dots. Click that to open the menu, then select “Report”.

What to Report For

Remember - you should only report bots for breaking our Bot Guidelines. If you are reporting a bot and it does not break one of our guidelines, it is an invalid report and it will not be investigated.


Important Reminder
We do not moderate the content within the server. We only moderate the content of the Top.gg page unless it is related to a specific Top.gg Guideline that says otherwise.

What to Include in a Report

In your report message, include as much information about what you are reporting as possible. Please try to include the following:

  • Exactly what breaks our Guidelines and how it breaks them

  • How to get to what breaks our Guidelines (such as, what command to run in a bot or where on the Top.gg page)

  • Proof (such as, a screen recording or screenshot)

    • If you are reporting a bot for being a Copycat/Clone - include the original github repository.

Important Notes

We recommend joining our Discord Server, in case a Moderator needs to contact you about your report. We may reach out to you to ask clarifying questions or ask for more info, or even an invite to a server where we can see what happened/what the report was about.

We do not release the information of the report to the Bot owner when we deal with the report - this includes any screenshots, usernames, or servers involved. Our reports are anonymous to all users except the Moderator handling the report.

You will not receive any notice about the report being resolved or about the action taken for the report. Our Moderators handle the reports as discreetly as possible.