To stay on top of your game during auctions, you can enable email notifications for key auction events in your Auctions settings. 

If you need a reminder on the key auction hours, check out this support article

You may receive four different types of notifications to inform you of:

  • Winning bids / payments
  • Retroactive charges
  • Being outbid
  • Failure to pay

Please note that you will receive one email per ad rather than one email for all ads until further notice.

Winning bids / payments

As a round 1 winner, you will receive an email notification when auctions end (Mondays, 19.00 UTC). This email will outline which slot(s) you have won, what the cost is, when the payment deadline is, and when the ad(s) will go live.

As a round 2 winner, you will receive an email notification similar to the above, but instead it is sent when the round 1 payment deadline has passed (Tuesdays, 07.00 UTC).

Retroactive charges

You will receive an email notification at the end of an auctions cycle (Tuesdays, 19.00 UTC) if your ad(s) have received more impressions than we initially estimated. In this email, you will find details on which ad(s) received more impressions, the cost, and how many extra impressions they received.

If you have any open payments for extra impressions, you will receive recurring email notifications about this until the payments have been cleared.

Being outbid

Every time you get outbid, you will receive an email notification, outlining which slot you have been outbid for. There will also be a link to our auctions for easy access!

Failure to pay

If you have failed to pay within the deadline(s) set out in the winning bid / payment email notification, you will receive an email notification that you have lost your spot(s). This email will let you know which slot(s) you lost, how much it would’ve cost, and how many impressions your ad(s) would’ve received.