What are Vote Credits?

Vote Credits are exclusively used for Auctions which is Top.gg’s Advertising product. Every month, when your entity (Discord Server, Discord Bot, or DAO) reaches over 100 votes (i.e. 101), you’ll be able to claim $15 USD worth of vote credit as a reward. After claiming the credit, you’ll receive $1 USD per 1000 votes. This resets every month.

How do I claim Vote Credits?

The entity owner, or  any  team members, can claim Vote Credits once every month. Once claimed, vote credits expire in one month. If left unclaimed, credits are overwritten by the credits accumulated in the month thereafter. If you do not claim your Vote Credits within the one month deadline, they will be overwritten by the Vote Credits accumulated in the following month.

How do I use Vote Credits?

When you claim the Vote Credits, they are bound to the account that claimed it, rather than the entity itself. This means you can use the credits to grow other entities via Auctions.

As mentioned previously, Vote Credits are exclusively for use in our Top.gg Auctions Advertising Product. Every week, you can bid on promoted listings to advertise your community or bot on our platform. For more information on how to use Auctions, please click here.