Your community can be listed as either public or private. Listing your community (such as your server or DAO) as private will allow you to vet users prior to joining your community to avoid users joining for malicious reasons. Instead of providing a direct invite link to your community, the “Join” button will be replaced with an “Apply” button. This will redirect the user to an Application Form Link of your choice, as seen below:

How do I list my community as public / private?

By default, communities are listed as public. When adding your community, you can set it to “Private” as seen in the screenshot below. This will then prompt you to add an Application Form Link.

For any existing communities, you can also change the Server Type via the Edit page. Similarly, this will allow you to add an Application Form Link.

Moderating Your Application Form

The relevant community staff are responsible for creating and moderating application forms for your community.

When adding an application form, you can explore different platforms such as Google Forms, Typeform, or others. Once you have created this, simply input its link in the Application Form Link.

Your community staff must keep up-to-date with applications. Remember to notify users of the result of their application, and send them the link to the community if their application has been accepted.

If your community has not fully launched yet or is awaiting a public launch, you could also utilise the Application Form Link to redirect users to a waiting list instead. Please note that, on your community page, you should advise users that the "Apply" button will redirect them to a waiting list instead of an application form.