Already have a server that’s a DAO listed in but haven’t marked it as a DAO? You can do this by heading to the Edit page and adding the “DAO” category. This will automatically have your server show up as a DAO in Misuse of this tag will lead to prompt removal..

Users can list their DAO on easily with just 4 quick steps! Head to your server list by navigating to your DAO Page - you’ll be able to see all the servers you have on Discord and select your DAO.

Under the title “Add your DAO to”, you’ll see all your Discord servers that you can add. If you do not see the DAO you are looking for, try clicking on “Refresh Servers”. Once you have found the DAO you are looking for, you can begin the add DAO flow by clicking on “Add to” located below the DAO’s name. This will bring you to a page that lists the four steps you’ll need to complete before your server is added to the site.

Important Reminder
You’ll need to be the Discord server owner to add it. Once it’s added, you’ll have the option to add additional collaborators via our Teams feature.

Step 1. Invite Our Bot to Your DAO Server

The first step requires you to invite the bot to your server. The bot watches for changes to be made and ensures your server page attributes stay updated. This helps to make certain Users looking to join your server are seeing the most updated information such as server name, number of server members, bots used, etc.

To invite the bot to your server, click “Invite Bot” in the lower right corner and follow the authorization prompts.


You'll notice our bot asking for specific permissions which allow us to enable access to your DAO server.

Step 2. Tell Us about Your DAO!

Once you’ve invited our bot, you’ll be prompted to share the details of your DAO.


Discord Server Invite Link

For now, DAOs on need to have a Discord server attached to it - a place for your members to interact with each other - this fundamental concept is planned to change in the future. You can do this either by clicking the "here" button in the paragraph under “Discord Server Invite Link”, or via creating one within Discord. If you choose the latter, remember to make sure your invite doesn’t expire and has an infinite number of uses!

DAO Type

Is your DAO a public one or one that requires applying to? Select the one that fits better for your community. For more information on private communities, please read our article here.


In under 140 characters, include a short description of your DAO! This will be utilized in our search, so keep it short and catchy - as it should draw attention to the reader. Share with us what your DAO offers and details about its culture, vibes, and community. In addition - this will be used to optimize search results, as well as Top and Trending lists - so make sure you keep it relevant.

Long Description

Share what makes your community special here - the more details, the better! Some examples of what you can include could be:

  • What’s your DAOs focus and interests? 

  • Any specific tokens that are tied to your organisation

  • Any resources that would allow users to dig deeper and know more about your DAO?


Add a couple of custom categories that best represent your DAO. This will be used in the tag lists on for search and optimization. We recommend adding 5 categories that best represent your DAO. For example, you could add categories such as ethereum, polygon, NEAR, solana, harmony, nft, art, investing, education, collectors, culture, socialgood, realestate, learning etc.

Once you’re done, the “Next Step” button will no longer be greyed out, and you’ll be able to proceed.


You can select up to 12 languages that are mainly spoken in your DAO.


You can showcase your social media links here, such as Twitter, TikTok, Telegram, and more!

Step 3. Check Your Information

Now all you have to do is double-check that everything is right. If something seems off or you’d like to edit it, click “Go back”. Otherwise, click “Add DAO” for it to be added to!

Step 4. And You’re Done!

Once you’ve clicked that button, you’ll be able to share your DAO on social media and view suggested bots for your DAO, as well as see your DAO page live.

Your DAO is now live and accessible to the world, yay! You can also view your page like this:

Take Your Server to the Next Level!

Add these extra finishing touches to make your DAO stand out on!

After completing Step 4 and visiting your newly created DAO page, you’ll have the ability to edit your existing server information and to add additional information to your server page by selecting “Edit”.  This information includes:

  • Background URL (optional)

Please note that only PNG and URL file formats are currently supported. We suggest using an image with the dimensions 

  • Donatebot URL (optional)

Want to make some money while building your project? We have you covered with one-time donations and subscriptions without fees.

  • Role Rewards (optional)

Give your Users an automatic role when they vote.