Punishing Users for Not Voting

Products listed on our site should not punish users who have not voted for their bot, they can do this by restricting a large majority of their features or completely blocking them off from using the bot. We want to vote to be used as an enhancement or an added bonus for the bot.


Rewarding Users for Other Bots

To avoid the bumping and voting of external entities on our platform for features a bot does not provide, we prohibit bots to incentivise users to vote for other entities. Please keep in mind that if a different entity such as a server gives rewards for a related bot it is not against this guideline. For example, we do not allow a user to vote for Bot A in order to receive Bot B's currency or access to their feature. However, if Server A provides rewards for Bot A we consider this to be allowed as the server and bot are related.

Vote Botting / Automatic Voting

We prohibit the use of bots or other programs in order that allows you or others to automatically vote for products that are listed on our website.


Acceptable Use of Our API

  • You may reward users for voting for your bot. 
  • You may limit a minority of your commands.