1. Must not show NSFW imagery (in the description, icons, announcements and emojis)

  2. Your server must not present any content on that is against Discord's Terms of Service, this includes but not limited to:
    • Discriminatory/Derogatory content/language (emojis, names, description, announcements)
    • Underage dating servers
  3. Must not conduct illegal activities or activities listed below, this includes but is not limited to:
    • Scam related servers (invite rewards, free nitro)
    • Account generators/Alt account (selling/generating accounts for paid services)
  4. Must not be in competition with
  5. Must abide by’s Terms of Service
  6. Must not reward users for voting for a different server
Violations of these guidelines will mean your server will be locked (hence, publicly inaccessible) from

My server is locked... now what?

If you find your server locked, don't panic. Here are some steps you can take to understand the reason and potentially get your server unlocked:

  1. Understand the Reason for the lock: The reason for your server being locked is displayed at the top of the server page
  2. Reach Out to the Moderator:The Discord tag of the moderator who locked your server is displayed next to the reason. You can contact them via Direct Messages (DMs) on Discord. If you attempt to create a Support Ticket, you will be asked to DM the moderator to handle the issue. You can join our server at
    • Ask for Further Explanation: If you're still unclear about why your server was locked, don't hesitate to ask the moderator for a more detailed explanation.
  3. Fix the Issue(s): Once you understand the problem, make the necessary changes to your server listing. After making these changes, inform the moderator so they can unlock your server.
  4. Ensure the Bot is in Your Server: The bot should be present in your server to fetch the latest data.
  5. Open a Support Ticket if Needed: If you encounter any issues joining our Discord, please open a Support Ticket. Note that banned users cannot appeal locked servers and must first be unbanned.
  6. Locked Servers Won't Be Deleted: Servers can't/won't be deleted when locked. This policy is in place to prevent the same server from being readded with the same guideline violations.
  7. Heavy Violations May Lead to Permanent Lock: If your server is in heavy violation of our guidelines and we feel it's unsafe to do so, we may decide to not unlock your server