1. Must not show NSFW imagery (in the description, icons, announcements and emojis)
  2. Your server must not present any content on Top.gg that is against Discord's Terms of Service, this includes but not limited to:
    • Discriminatory/Derogatory content/language (emojis, names, description, announcements)
    • Underage dating servers
  3. Must not conduct illegal activities or activities listed below, this includes but is not limited to:
    • Scam related servers (invite rewards, free nitro)
    • Account generators/Alt account (selling/generating accounts for paid services)
  4. Must not be in competition with Top.gg
  5. Must abide by Top.gg’s Terms of Service
  6. Must not reward users for voting for a different server

Violations of these guidelines will mean your server will be locked (hence, publicly inaccessible) from Top.gg.