Why does my bot page say it's "not yet approved"?

When you submit your bot, we have a team of volunteers who review your bot to ensure quality and coherence with our guidelines. This process typically takes 1 to 2 weeks or more, but could vary based off of queue size. We're working on shortening queue time and looking for more bot reviewers - so if you believe you have what it takes, feel free to apply in our Discord Server!

As a result, each bot that gets submitted joins the bot approval queue. Ordered chronologically, bots in the queue are checked by our team and either approved, or declined. As bots serve as a vital role in every Discord server, the queue system is in place to ensure bots listed on our platform are safe and of quality for our users.

How do I know if my bot is approved or declined?

In order to receive an update on the status of your bot, please join our Discord server. Whether your bot is approved or declined, you will be notified via Discord ping as well as a private message from Luca.

What does Top.gg check when reviewing a bot?

On a high level, our reviewal process follows a three-step procedure.

  1. We read through your bot's page.
    Bot Reviewers will look over your bot’s page to ensure that it follows our guidelines. In general, we make sure your description is relevant and safe for everyone; as well as checking for malicious content.
  2. We invite your bot to our Verification Center.
    The Verification Center is a private Discord server where Bot Reviewers check through the bot's features and functionality, such as commands.
  3. We test your bot.
    Each bot goes through a rigorous testing checklist where we verify that your bot works as intended and follows Discord's Terms of ServiceDiscord's Developer Terms of Service and Top.gg's Bot Guidelines.

As long as the bot functions as expected and follows our guidelines, your bot is then approved. Otherwise, it will be declined and you will get a notification in our Discord Server. It should be noted that bots can be declined before the reviewal process is fully complete, as Bot Reviewers typically end the reviewal process once something about the bot has been found to be in violation of our guidelines.

How do I prevent my bot from getting declined?

Before submitting your bot to Top.gg, there are a few things you should check for.

  1. Make sure your bot follows Discord's Terms of Service and Discord's Developer Terms of Service.
  2. Make sure your bot follows Top.gg's Bot Guidelines.

Additionally, you should keep in mind that:

  1. If your bot is entirely premium-based or includes some commands that are premium, please ensure to either add a way for us to reach out to you or for example provide a premium key to redeem for our reviewers to test your bot (Use the reviewer notes field for that). You can alternatively whitelist our whole Verification Center server (ID: 333949691962195969) to bypass the premium requirement.

By checking the above first, it'll ensure a smoother reviewal process. If you need additional help, please don't hesitate to reach out to our Support Server.

What permissions do you give bots in the Verification Center?

When we invite your bot to the Verification Center (ID: 333949691962195969), Top.gg’s bot testing server, bots are invited with the permissions' flag set to 0, meaning the bot is invited with no extra permissions or dedicated role. However, this does not mean your bot is given no permissions at all; we provide the following permissions for all bots in the @everyone role:

  • View Channels
  • Change Nickname
  • Send Messages
  • Public + Private Threads
  • Embed Links
  • Attach Files
  • Add Reactions
  • Use External Emojis + Stickers
  • Read Message History
  • Use Application Commands
  • Connect, Speak, Video and Use Voice Activity in Voice Channels

Ultimately, we understand bots often include features that require more than these permissions. Hence, if your bot has a feature that does require more permissions than those listed above, you should request for that specific permission when a specific feature or command requires them to do so or within your bot’s description. Bots are not allowed to blanket the request under "Administrator", due to the volatility of the permission.

My bot was declined... now what?

If your bot was declined, the process of re-submitting your bot is the same as submitting it the first time around. If you’re unsure of how to submit your bot to Top.gg, please read more here.

If you believe your bot was incorrectly declined or need further clarification on what the reason means, you may contact the Bot Reviewer that reviewed and declined your bot. Our in-house Discord bot, Luca (ID: 264811613708746752), should have privately messaged you with a reason for decline and the Reviewer who declined your bot.

If you did not receive a direct message from Luca, you may be able to find out if your bot was declined or accepted by going to our Discord server and pressing CTRL + F on your keyboard and inputting “in:#mod-log BOT_ID_HERE”. Replace “BOT_ID_HERE” with your bot’s user ID.