Follow through the steps to publish your server. Once this step is done, follow the information below on how to use role rewards.

What are role rewards?

Role rewards are given to a user upon voting for a server. If you have rewards setup and a user votes, our bot will give the user the assigned role for 12 hours - and then remove it from the user. If they vote again, they can once again receive the role. 

What permissions does the bot need?

Upon inviting our bot, you should be prompted to provide the "Manage Roles" and "Create Invite" permission.

If you haven't given it yet, you can manually do so by going to your "Server Settings" > Select the Role > Toggle it on:

Got it! Now, how do I set up Role Rewards on my Server?

Once you are ready to set up role rewards and have correctly invited our bot to your server with the correct permissions, head over to your profile. Once found, select “View” and navigate to the “Edit” button on the page.

Scroll down to the bottom of the “Server Info” page and you will see the Role Rewards option.

Important Reminder
In order for the bot to add the role reward, the bot must be above the role you're trying to add, in Server Settings > Roles within Discord.

Upon clicking on the box, a dropdown menu will appear on the left side with a list of roles that are able to be applied. At current, it's only possible to do one role - but feel free to share with us any feedback at our Feedback PageOnce you have selected the field you would like, click Save and you are done! The next time a user votes for your server, they will receive the selected role for a 12 hour period.