This article is for Ban Appeals from the Website or Discord Server ( If you are banned from a specific bot or bot's support server, please contact them instead.

If you are blocked or banned from a part of our platform you can follow this appeal process to get your access back. Please note that all appeals are reviewed with a group of our Moderators to ensure that they are done fairly.

  Please note that you can only submit an appeal once a month unless instructed otherwise.

What do we require to process your review?

To help you as fast as possible, please make sure to let us know all the details about your case. If you are not sure what the details of your case are, or why you have been banned, please ask us in the ticket and we will provide the reasoning to you.

The recommended list for your appeal is as follows:

  • Your Discord user ID and user ID. 
    • To find your Discord user ID, please read this article here.
    • To find your user ID, go to your profile on the website and copy the ID in the URL bar. If you cannot find this information due to being banned, feel free to put something random in the required field for submitting a ticket.
  • The specific feature you have been banned from (e.g. voting, posting reviews, or posting bots).
  • A message that explains your case, and your view on the case.
    • Please note that you are appealing your ban, so you need to specifically address the reason that you were banned. You need to explain your behavior and why you believe you should be unbanned. If you do not know the reason you were banned, you can ask and we will provide it to you.

How to Send In your Appeal

1. Log in to

2. Select "New Support Ticket" underneath the search bar.

3. Fill out the information required.

  • If you do not know your User ID - you can put your Discord User ID again.

4. In the description, please write out the content of your appeal. If you are unsure of why you were banned, you can ask and we will provide you the reasoning, and then you can appeal.

5. Click "Submit Ticket".

Once you submit, please be patient!

Once you've submitted your ticket, it will be processed and then reviewed. You should receive an automated email indicating we've received your request. We may contact you for more information, so keep an eye out! Please note that this process can take multiple weeks so please be patient.