Leaving so soon? We understand and will miss you!


If you wish to permanently delete your user account on Top.gg, you can do so by taking the following steps:

1. Make sure that there are no Projects or Teams on your account.     

  • You can delete all of the bots on your account or move them to teams that someone else owns.
  • You will need to delete or leave all of the Teams that are associated with your account.

2. Navigate to your Profile, select Settings, and then select "Delete Account".

  • You will be asked to let us know why you are leaving. This is optional to fill out, but we would appreciate your feedback!


Once you have requested to delete your account, your account will be "on hold" for 7 days. This allows us to process the request and verify contents are deleted. After the 7 days, if you log back in again then your account will be recreated.