Important Reminder
You need to be the owner of the server to add your server - once you've done so, you'll be able to add it to a team for others to collaborate.

Users can list their Discord server on in just four easy steps. To see your server list, you’ll want to navigate your Servers' Page. This page displays the Discord servers you have available to add to and your existing servers on the site. You can also navigate to to add a server that way!

If you do not see any of your servers listed here, click on the "Refresh Servers" button and then log out of the site and back in. This will force a refresh of your servers and then you should see them available to add!

Under the title “Add your server to” you’ll see the servers you have available to add. If you do not see the server you are looking for, try clicking on “Refresh Servers.” Once you have found the server you are looking for, you can begin the server add flow by clicking on “Add to” located below the server name. This will bring you to a page that lists the four steps you’ll need to complete before your server is added to the site.


Step 1. Invite our Bot to Your Server

The first step requires you to invite the bot to your server. The bot watches for changes to be made and ensures your server page attributes stay updated. This helps to make certain Users looking to join your server are seeing the most updated information such as server name, number of server members, bots used, etc.

To invite the bot to your server, click “Invite Bot” in the lower right corner and follow the authorization prompts.

You'll notice our bot asking for Create Invite and Manage Role permissions - this is for the bot to create an invite that doesn't expire, allowing users to continually join; and also to provide role rewards (should you select to do so) when users vote and support your server. If you do not wish to give the bot these permissions, you can deselect them!

Step 2. Create Your Server Listing

The second step is for filling out your server details that will be displayed on your server page. 

  • Server Type

Is your server a public one or one that requires applying to? Select the one that fits better for your community. For more information on private communities, please read our article here.

  • Server Invite Link

First you need to fill out your server’s invite link, you can do this automatically by clicking the “here” button located in the paragraph under “Server Invite Link” or by creating your own in your Discord server settings and providing it in the appropriate field.
If you choose to have the bot create you an invite, it will create one for the first channel that it finds via the Discord API - you cannot choose which channel the bot makes an invite to! If you want to specify which channel, you'll need to make your own permanent invite link.

  • Headline

Next you’ll need to fill out your server’s headline. We recommend using a short and catchy phrase to quickly catch your audience’s attention. This should cover what your server does and what it has to offer. Also note this is used in Top and Trending lists and search results.

  • Long Description

This section is where you can share details about your server! Let Users know what makes your server stand out and what makes the community special. 
Note that our Long Descriptions support both markdown and HTML syntax - you can make your page stand out!

  • Categories

We recommend selecting up to 12 categories that best represent your community. These are used for users to search our site and find things they are interested in - make sure you select relevant categories and as many as represent your community! 
Do not include hashtags (#) in your categories! Simply type the name of the category and hit enter on your keyboard!

  • Languages

          You can select up to 12 languages that are spoken in your community. We recommend selecting as many as             can apply to your community for more visibility in searches!

  • Socials (optional)

          Showcase your community's other social media links, such as Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and more!


After you have filled out all of the server information above, you’ll be able to progress to the next step by clicking “Next Step”. 

Step 3. Confirm Your Server's Details

Here you’ll see a complete summary of all your server details, along with your server invite link, selected tags, server description, and headline. If you’ve forgotten a detail or want to make a change you can navigate to the previous step by clicking “Go Back”. Please note that you will still be able to edit your server page even after the server is listed on If the details listed look good, you can move to the next and final step by clicking “Add Server”. This will publish your server to the site and create a public server page.

If you click on the Add Server button and nothing seems to happen, or it loads indefinitely, make sure that you are the Owner of the Discord server itself! Only Owners can add discord servers currently to our website.


Step 4. Thank You for Adding Your Server to!

On the final step page, you’ll have the option to share your newly added server with your Twitter audience. You’ll also see a list of recommended bots you can invite to your server and any additional servers you have available to add on 

Your server page will be available publicly immediately after adding it to - however, it can take 1-3 days for your server to appear in search results. 

Take Your Server to the Next Level!

By adding these extra finishing touches, your server will stand out on

After completing Step 4 and visiting your newly created server page, you’ll have the ability to edit your existing server information and to add additional information to your server page by selecting “Edit” under “Moderation controls”.  This information includes:

  • Background URL (optional)

Please note that only PNG and URL file formats are currently supported.

  • Donatebot URL (optional)

Want to make some money while building your project? We have you covered with one-time donations and subscriptions without fees. Find out more about Donatebot here:

  • Role Rewards (optional)

Give your Users an automatic role when they vote. Find more information in our Role Rewards support article!


Who can add a server to

Currently, only server owners have the ability to add their servers to Once you've added your server to, you can add it to a Team to give your administrators permissions to edit the page - you can read more about it in our Teams Overview support article.

Why should you add your server to helps you grow your Discord server community through search and discovery features on the site. By adding categories that best represent your server, users are able to search for and discover servers matching their interests.